Our Creative Director, Vinita

I grew up in Mumbai, the city that is always vibrant and never sleeps. The city where slums and luxury apartment complexes have been co-existing right next to each other for the past decades. I couldn’t help but wonder about the social divide, and this curiosity ended up following me everywhere I went, inspiring me to be an active voice for making a change.

During my early career as a banker, facing how much the environment and workers had to suffer to cater for inexpensive brands was an inevitable, but eye-opening journey. From India, I moved to Hong Kong and worked as policy lead on ‘Modern Slavery’ in the public sector, which reinforced that the cheapest option hides unacceptable compromises.

Today, I’m a proud mum of two little angels and the creative director of GnL, with the aim to bring a new philosophy to the industry, teach my children to respect and love the environment and create stylish vegan accessories…something I felt was missing from so many brands’ collections. Alongside following a vegan lifestyle, GnL Accessories represent my style, my fascination with Bollywood and couture designers, and a continuous personal growth throughout the way – hoping you’ll find the blend of traditional Indian and modern, international influences just as exciting and unique as I did.

Manufacturer for cork fabric bags

Dongguan Topgood Handbag Leather Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2003. It has a ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility that is located in QiShi,DongGuan City, China. Topgood is a member of the Amfori BSCI network which audited the company in August 2019 and provided it with an ‘acceptable’ rating. Majority of the company’s practices were also rated as ‘acceptable’ as part of the ISL Social Compliance Audit. 

What does being rated as acceptable mean?

I) Workers are familiar with workplace-related issues and their labor rights and obligations.

ii) The factory posts the AMFORI BSCI Code Of Conduct onsite and provides training to workers.

iii) The factory has an established policy on anti-discrimination
that defines that the factory would not discriminate workers by physical condition, gender, age etc.

iv) The factory provides benefits such as paid statutory holidays, sick leave, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave to workers.

v) The minimum hourly wage paid to workers complies with legal minimum wages.

vi) Normal working hours for workers were 8 hours per day, 5 days per week with a 90 minute lunch break. Workers have right to choose whether to work overtime or not, and all workers had at least one day off every seven days. Workers’ overtime wages on weekdays and weekends are 150% and 200% of normal wages as per law.

vii) The factory does not employ child labour. The age of the youngest worker in the factory is above 18 years. 

Logo Design, Reshma Rohra @ Tangled by Reshma Rohra

Our logo has been designed by Reshma Rohra who runs her own firm called ‘Tangled by Reshma Rohra’. Reshma is a Mandala Artist & Illustrator and is based in Hong Kong. Our logo represents a thumb print with the letters GnL inscribed within it. The logo (like a signature) is an assurance of everything the brand promises. The exclaimation mark with a heart within represents a strong expression of compassion in everything that we do.

Collaborator for ‘Teak Leaf’ Collection, Leaf Creation Co., Ltd., Thailand

Our teak Leaf Collection is brought to you in collaboration with Leaf Creation Co., Ltd, Thailand. The company has mastered the technology to convert ‘teak leaves’ into durable, stylish fabric that can be used to make fashion accessories. Due to the uniqueness and innovation of its products, the company has won several awards.

  1. The design Innovation Contest (Green Design) by National Innovation Agency, Thailand.
  2. Winner of Lanna Handicraft Festival 2016 from Lanna Expo.
  3. Green Industry Award for Eco Friendly Manufacturing by Department of Environmental Quality Promotion- Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand.
  4. Winner of New Innovation Handicraft from Lanna Expo 2014 by Office of Commercial Affairs, Chiang Mai.
  5. Prime Minister’s Export award for outstanding performance as best OTOP.
  6. Certificate of Excellence in the craft design category from Chiang Mai Design Award 2016.

We were happy to visit the set-up in Chiang Mai and see that the factory is 100% vegan and follows ethical manufacturing practices.