About GNL Accessories

GNL Accessories is an ethical brand that respects the environment, the animals around us and the workers involved with crafting our products. Through GNL we wish to bring you stylish, high-quality pieces that are made from sustainable, ‘plant-based’, ‘leather-like’ fabric that will reflect not only your sense of style but also your philosophy towards life. Our collection uses plant based leathers, vegetable dyes and is created by ‘ethical manufacturers’ to bring you a product that you can wear with pride.

Why choose us


Not only towards animals, but also towards the environment and the way we treat people. After months of research and facing the often harsh reality of the fashion industry, we decided to shift away from regular practices and provide a cruelty-free, green option with fair living wages and employment conditions.


We had the opportunity to meet many women along the way who were changing the face of modern shopping by searching for options that bring positivity instead of harm. Making conscious decisions is in the core and every detail of GNL Accessories, from sourcing the materials to knowing the people who make our designs.


We craft the finest vegan leather designs for women who know what they want and would not settle for less. While ethical fashion is often associated with being dull, the GNL pieces are daring, timeless and feminine, designed to last. Whether they are meant for busy weekdays or for spontaneous weekend getaways, our items offer no compromise when it comes to style.

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